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Aluminium casting

We specialise in aluminium casting including die casting and high pressure casting. We have an on-site industrial coating facility and product prototype design and development and component sourcing and assembly expertise and facilities. Our foundry was established in 1968 to manufacture components for the electric motor industry, and today allows us to make a wide range of products including industrial and domestic air conditioning systems, office furniture, DIY equipment and computer products. Our substantial range of manufacturing services include:-

Die casting

Hallam Castings produces around 20,000 aluminium castings per week from 10 die casting machines capable of making castings weighing up to 5 kg. The company also assembles finished products for many of it's customers, sourcing components on their behalf to ensure best possible value. Our experience in making this type of product in particular is unique, and our general die casting expertise is probably also unrivalled.

Industrial coating

We have a brand new, fully automatic industrial coating facility, specialising in the machining and surface finishing of components and products using CNC machining equipment, and a new fully automatic industrial powder coating plant using state-of-the art DuPont and AkzoNobel powders for cosmetic or architectural finishes. Hallam also supplies components and products with polished or textured surfaces.

Cold chamber high pressure casting

Hallam Castings specialises in cold chamber high pressure casting. Cold chamber high pressure die casting involves injecting molten aluminium under extreme pressure into a mould which forms the shape of the component or product required. Tolerances of + / - 0.05 mm can be achieved.

Prototype design and development

We undertake product prototype design and development using Solidworks Professional CAD software in-house and work closely with customer design teams and design houses, the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the National Metals Technology Centre (NAMTEC).

Component sourcing and assembly

We can now offer a genuine "one stop" solution for many customers looking for component sourcing and final assembly. As we are able to design and source production machinery and equipment for the assembly process, we can offer advice on the most technically challenging manufacturing projects via our partnership agreements with the National Metals Technology Centre and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, with whom we are developing several exciting and innovative product ideas on behalf of our customers.

aluminium casting